The Advantages of Photocopier Rental

13th September 2018
Looking for a copier rental? You’re in luck! There are many advantages to renting a photocopier, one of which is that you can get the perfect machine for your needs. Whether you need a high-volume machine or something more specialized, there’s a rental option out there for you. Plus,

How To Cut Costs With Photocopying

24th September 2015
All businesses want to keep costs down as much as possible so after you’ve sorted out your photocopier rentals in Cambridgeshire, make sure you read our quick guide to saving money on your photocopying. Tip 1 Reduce the number of pages you need to copy. Make sure your content is as concise

Our Guide To Renting A Photocopier

14th September 2015
Before you arrange with PAW Print for photocopier rental, read our handy guide to ensure that you get the best deal and that you know what to look out for when choosing your new appliance. First of all, think about what you want to get out of your photocopier. Assess what your office requirements

The History Of The Photocopier

10th September 2015
One of the must-have pieces of office equipment for businesses has to be the photocopier, but just where did the idea for this appliance come from and how long has it been around? Here, we delve into the history of the photocopier. Read on. The idea of making copies of documents can be attributed

Why Rent A Photocopier

9th September 2015
Small or start-up businesses keen to get off the ground might benefit from Beds photocopier rentals if they want to meet their company needs without spending too much money at the outset. Launching a company can be particularly difficult and stressful, and you won’t always have the available

Top Tips For Keeping Photocopier Data Safe

9th September 2015
You might not think that your Beds photocopier rental represents a security risk at work, but you do need to be aware that digital copiers have advanced quite a lot since they were first introduced. And because they can print, fax, scan, copy and email documents, they require hard disk drives in
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