Are Photocopiers Recyclable?

Are Photocopiers Recyclable?

Making use of the latest technological advances can have many benefits for your office environment, including increased efficiency. However, if you have paid for your previous purchase outright and now have an old photocopier sat unused in a store cupboard, you may want to think about ways you can dispose of it, at minimum cost to the environment. Read on for some great ideas for putting your old photocopier to good use.

There are several private firms that will take your photocopier off your hands, so you’ll need to look into the policies of these companies and make sure you’re happy with their initiatives. Most private companies will inspect the photocopier to see if it can be refurbished and used again. If the machine can not be used again, the machine will be taken apart to see if any working parts can help to restore another machine. If the machine and all parts are not able to be used again, the machine will typically then be recycled. For the exact process your photocopier will go through, you will need to consult the company you choose.

Donating Your Old Photocopier

There are many establishments that may benefit from a secondhand printer in good condition, including local schools, charities and community services to see if they could benefit from a photocopier. You may even find that an office next to you is in need of a second photocopier to handle their workload, so if you work in a business park, it might be helpful to ask around other local businesses to see if they want to take the photocopier from you.

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Your Local Tech Store

You may find that your local technology stores have an electronic recycling point that will take large items, including photocopiers. Many brands already have an established recycling process set up for their goods so be sure to check this as it could provide you with an easy solution.

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