Are Printers Recyclable?

Are Printers Recyclable?

If you’ve recently upgraded your printer, the chances are, you now have a spare one gathering dust in the storage cupboard.

Machines such as this can often seem difficult to get rid of when the time for an update comes, but there are in fact many ways you can responsibly dispose of your printer and clear a bit of space in your cupboard whilst you’re at it.

Where to Recycle Printers

If you have decided to recycle your old printer, you’re in luck, as recycling these machines is arguably the fastest way to dispose of them. Many electronics stores have dedicated recycling bins for electronic equipment, meaning you can pop down to your nearest shop and drop it off quickly and easily. Additionally, depending on the make of your printer, you may find that there are already recycling measure in place, including collection services.

If you’ve had no luck finding a recycling drop off point in any nearby stores and the manufacturer won’t accept your printer, you can find many private recycling companies that will take your electronic goods.

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Donate Your Printer

If your printer still works, you’re likely to find that there are plenty of people out there that could give it a new home. Before you donate your printer to a charity shop, be sure to check that they accept electronic goods as not all of them do.

Additionally, you may find that some schools or community centres will accept donations of this kind which could prove very helpful.

Sell Used Electronics

If your printer is in good working order, you may be able to get some money for it. There are many ways to sell your printer and you may decide to use any of the popular second-hand sites to earn some cash from your unused machine.

However, for a quicker turn-around, you could find that dedicated sites that buy used printers and electronic goods are a better way to go.

Paw Print Copiers

At Paw Print Copiers, we offer a printer leasing service, ensuring that you’ll only have the machine as long as you need it. This way, you can benefit from upgrading your printer periodically in order to keep up with new advances, without the hassle of storing away or selling your old one.

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