How Often Should I Replace my Photocopier?

Photocopier replacement

Although there is no specific timeline that dictates when a photocopier will need replacing, generally replacement will come around the five-year mark. High-end photocopiers may have a longer life and remain working in good order for longer, depending on your usage and maintenance of the machine.

Depending on the nature of your business, your photocopier(s) may be an integral feature to ensure the smooth day to day running of tasks. It goes without saying that the use of your photocopier will affect how long it lasts for, so let’s discuss replacing the photocopier in more detail.

The Needs of Your Business

Every business is different. Even a business that sells the same products or services may be managed completely differently. If you use your photocopier on a regular basis and it forms an integral part of many day to day activities, you may need to replace it more quickly. Of course, if your photocopier is rarely used, it may not be so bothersome if it should begin working at less than optimum speed.

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New Copier or Repair?

Experiencing a problem with your photocopier does not necessarily mean that you need to replace it entirely. However, if your photocopier is experiencing frequent problems and you have had it for a number of years, it may be a sign that investing in a new one is the most efficient option.

How Often Should I replace my photocopier?

If it is important to your business that you keep up with the latest model of photocopier in order to take advantage of new designs and features, you may want to invest in a new machine, even if yours isn’t showing signs of wear.

If you decide to replace your copier sooner than may be absolutely necessary, ensuring you are taking advantage of the latest technologies, you want to consider leasing a photocopier, rather than buying it outright. By doing this, you avoid the need to find a place to store or get rid of your old machine, as well as the price that it will cost to purchase outright.

Overall, the number of years that your machine will work at an optimum rate for will all depend on its usage, age, make and model.

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