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    Konica Minolta Bizhub and HP Designjet service and repair specialist. We can supply and repair any brand of photocopier and printer, either brand new or fully refurbished second hand. A guarantee is available on all our equipment for total peace of mind. We have many photocopiers, printers and large format printers in stock and available for immediate delivery and installation.

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We have many photocopiers, printers and large format printers in stock available for immediate delivery and installation.

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We are the No1 supplier of short-term photocopier rental to the events industry. Our reliable, punctual, high-quality service has been unbeatable for over 20 years. Many organisers rely on our experience to support their printing needs for both small and large-scale events.

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Experienced Engineers are at the heart of our organisation. Our trusty team of reliable nice folks are able to attend photocopiers that are in need of repair or servicing.

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There are over 100,000 pages being printed and copied every day from the copiers we have supplied to local businesses over the last 20 years. For some of them, we are no longer just a supplier but more of a friend. We’ve built long term relationships, with many satisfied customers.

Photocopier Rental

From start-ups to established organisations requiring a complete print management solution, we have equipment and skills to offer photocopier rental to suit any business.


Our rates are very competitive and when you take into account the superior level of service you receive. We can proudly say that there is a reason why we are rated UK’s No 1 Copier Service provider on FreeIndex.

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We offer so many options to suit your business that it’s virtually impossible to list them all. Every business has different requirements and we are able to customise our offerings to suit every individual need.

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Top Tips For Keeping Photocopier Data Safe

9th September 2015
You might not think that your Beds photocopier rental represents a security risk at work, but you do need to be aware that digital copiers have advanced quite a lot since they were first introduced. And because they can print, fax, scan, copy and email documents, they require hard disk drives in order to manage their workloads and boost production speeds. The hard drive in your photocopier will store data about all the documents that go through its system so you need to ensure you’ve taken steps to protect that information. Before you rent a photocopier, make sure you’ve included it in your information security policies and that all copiers are maintained and looked after by your IT department. The majority of manufacturers will offer security features with copiers either as standard or as an add-on kit, so check this when leasing a photocopier. When using your new photocopier, you should ensure that your IT staff work to overwrite the hard drive once a month as a minimum to ensure data is kept safe. If your digital copier is connected to your business’s network, your IT department will need to ensure that it is integrated securely so as to protect it against outside attacks. Once you’ve finished with your photocopier and want to return it, make sure you check with the manufacturer or servicing company you got it from that they will either remove the hard drive and send it back to you or overwrite it for you. Being vigilant in this regard could really help protect your company more fully.

Common Issues With Your Printer

20th February 2019
Whatever industry or type of workplace you work you work in, if the photocopier begins playing up when you need to use it, frustrations can mount quickly. Here at Paw Print Copiers, we have been repairing photocopiers of all sizes and models for many years and in our latest post, we have put together a list of the most commonly reported problems with photocopiers. Paper Jams This is a sign that you don’t want to see when trying to print your documents in a hurry. Paper jams can occur due to a few reasons, including using the wrong paper size or loading the paper incorrectly. To fix this issue you will usually just need to remove the jammed paper manually or realign the paper. The Printer Won’t Print You’ve sent your document to the printer and for some reason, the printer won’t spring into life and begin printing. If you haven’t got an error message pointing you to the problem, try checking that the printer is still connected to a USB or Ethernet cable. If you are using a wireless network, make sure the correct network has been selected. If you’re sure that your printer is sufficiently connected, you may also try checking the printer driver which may need to be reinstalled. If you are still having trouble, take a look at your user manual for any other instructions. Printer Ink Low The accuracy of a low ink warning will vary between the make and model of your printer, so you may not actually need to go out and buy more ink the day you spot the warning sign. The only way to know exactly how much ink you have left is to keep using your printer as normal until the quality drops or until the printer stops printing. When the low ink warning flashes up again in the future, you will know roughly how much more you can print until you’ll need to invest in new ink. Paw Print Copiers Paw Print Copiers have been repairing printers of all sizes, makes and models for many years. If you are in need of printer repair or perhaps you’re looking to buy or lease a printer, we can help. Please call Paw Print Copiers today on 01525 854 698.

Benefits of Leasing a Printer

10th January 2019
Here at Paw Print Copiers, we have been offering printers of various sizes for lease for many years. Whether you are looking a large format printer or standard office printer, we can help. In our latest blog post, we have put together a list of benefits regarding leasing a printer. Capital Leasing a printer means that you won’t have to worry about the upfront spend on purchasing the product outright. Many businesses have their money tied up in assets and don’t always have the means to liquidate it as soon as the need for a new purchase arrives, so leasing can be a favourable option. Additionally, payments made for a leasing agreement, will not be affected by rises in interest rates, meaning you can accurately plan your spending and stay inside an agreed budget forecast. Updated Technology Not only does leasing IT equipment mean that you benefit from the regular updates in technology in your workplace, it also means that you won’t have to worry about the depreciating value of the asset. Technology depreciates in value faster than many other assets because of the rate it advances in the modern world. Consequently, depending on the nature of your business, you may find it best to only purchase equipment that increases in value over time or depreciates at a slower rate. In addition to the value of your asset, you will need to keep in mind that if you purchase your equipment outright, you will only be able to invest in new equipment once the old assets have been disposed of. Leasing technology gives you the opportunity to upgrade at a time that suits your business, rather than when you can reinvest or remove old goods. Paw Print Copiers, Printer Leasing The dedicated team at Paw Print Copiers offer a wide variety of services to ensure all of your printing needs are covered. Whether you are looking for printer leasing or need your printer to be repaired or serviced, we welcome you to contact us. Please call Paw Print Copiers today on 01525 854 698 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

Industries that Benefit from Large Format Printers

11th December 2018
The popularity of large format printers has increased tremendously over the years, with many businesses using this technology to their full advantage. Here at Paw Print Copiers, we offer a lease or purchase service for large format printers, suiting companies that require the printer long term or for a particular project. In our latest post, we take a look at the various ways in which large format printing machines are used. Window Displays Shops on busy high streets need to stand out against their competition in order to entice customers through the door. Static window clings need to cover a big area and large format printers offer such businesses a flexible way to keep up with the changing seasons with a variety of displays. Wall Decals and Signage Wall decals may be used in domestic and commercial spaces. Being easily amended, wall decals allow you to change the aesthetic of a space quickly. Additionally, when it comes to business marketing, printed wall decals may be rearranged with ease to promote certain items or sales. Any space that customers will frequent will likely use signage to display offers, pricing and promotional images. Stores can benefit from the short print run and the wide range of sizes that large format printing machines offer. Blueprints Some businesses will need to demonstrate their designs and work on blueprints before they are finalised. Large format printing machines are often used to print full-scale blueprints that would be otherwise too small. Paw Print Copiers Here at Paw Print Copiers, we know that there are a wide variety of industries that require large format printing. From construction companies, retail outlets, photography, festivals and much more. If you are looking to lease or buy a large format printing or are in need of a repair or maintenance service, we welcome you to contact us. Please call 01525 854 698 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.