Do I Need a Large Format Printer?

31st July 2019
Large format printers can be costly, so it is necessary to define your needs as a business and how you currently use your current printer before you invest. The type of large format printer you invest in may vary depending on what you will be using it for. Consequently, it will be necessary to

How Often Should I Replace my Printer?

25th July 2019
Whilst there is no defined time period when all printers will need replacing, your printer will begin showing you some tell-tale signs should it need to be replaced. At Paw Print Copiers, we have been selling and repairing printers of all makes and models for many years, so have a wealth of

How Often Should I Replace my Photocopier?

24th June 2019
Although there is no specific timeline that dictates when a photocopier will need replacing, generally replacement will come around the five-year mark. High-end photocopiers may have a longer life and remain working in good order fr longer, depending on your usage and maintenance of the machine.

Are Photocopiers Recyclable?

17th June 2019
Making use of the latest technological advances can have many benefits for your office environment, including increased efficiency. However, if you have paid for your previous purchase outright and now have an old photocopier sat unused in a store cupboard, you may want to think about ways you can

Are Printers Recyclable?

29th April 2019
If you’ve recently upgraded your printer, the chances are, you now have a spare one gathering dust in the storage cupboard. Machines such as this can often seem difficult to get rid of when the time for an update comes, but there are in fact many ways you can responsibly dispose of your printer

A Brief History of The Photocopier

10th April 2019
We’re all very used to the convenience of printers and photocopiers, but how did the modern photocopier as we know it come to be? In our last blog post, we covered a brief history of the modern printer, so today, we take a look at a brief history of the photocopier. Nowadays, multi-functional
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