Key Facts About Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Many businesses use large format printers to make a big impression with their advertising campaigns. Images can have a powerful effect when trying to relay messages to a consumer, no matter whether the business is a car dealership, a cinema or a rehoming shelter.

If you would like to find out key facts about large format printing and the process from Paw Print, keep reading.

Large Format Signage

Research has proved time and time again that large format signage makes a huge difference to footfall and conversion. In fact, 76% of consumers say that they walk into a store based on the signage outside.

Of course, this all points to the fact that any signage used needs to be of the highest quality. A whopping 52% of consumers said that poorly made signage put them off entering a store, alongside incorrect spelling on a sign.

The Printer

The type of large format printer you use to create your signage may vary, depending on various factors such as your budget, what you will be printing and how large you require your prints to be.

The type of ink used in wide format printing is crucial, as each comes with their own characteristics. A selection of inks used in wide format printing includes aqueous ink, dry sublimation ink, solvent ink, UV ink and latex ink which can be used on many surfaces, including vinyl.

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You may not always consider what adverts you are seeing as you walk into town or visit an event and that is because they have become such a ubiquitous sight. Large format printing may be used in and outside of retail stores, at trade shows, corporate events, for point of sale displays, banners and much more.

Large Format Printing Repair

At Paw Print Copiers, we have been providing a dedicated large format printer repair service for many years. We understand that when your printer or plotter suffers an issue, this can put you under major strain.

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