How To Cut Costs With Photocopying

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All businesses want to keep costs down as much as possible so after you’ve sorted out your photocopier rentals in Cambridgeshire, make sure you read our quick guide to saving money on your photocopying.

Tip 1

Reduce the number of pages you need to copy. Make sure your content is as concise as possible and where appropriate direct your readers to the internet for further information. Using a smaller font can help, as can using fewer photos and graphics within the document.

Tip 2

Printing double-sided copies can save you money on paper so do this wherever possible.

Tip 3

Colour printing is expensive so only ever print in colour if it’s absolutely necessary.

Tip 4

Your choice of paper can also impact on the amount you spend so look out for cheaper alternatives or eco-friendly paper. Always ask your provider about the cheaper options.

Tip 5

Proofread all your documents on your computer screen instead of printing them out to check them over. This will save you lots of cash in the long run.

Tip 6

Be as paperless as possible at work. For example, instead of printing out details of a meeting and putting it on a notice board, send an email around instead.

Tip 7

Make sure all employees have a reminder on the bottom of their emails not to print anything out unnecessarily.

Following these hints and tips can certainly help save you money on your photocopying costs so if you’ve just made a new investment in this regard and want to minimise spending, give these suggestions a go.

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