Top Tips For Keeping Photocopier Data Safe

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You might not think that your Beds photocopier rental represents a security risk at work, but you do need to be aware that digital copiers have advanced quite a lot since they were first introduced.

Digital Photocopiers

Because they can print, fax, scan, copy and email documents, they require hard disk drives in order to manage their workloads and boost production speeds. The hard drive in your photocopier will store data about all the documents that go through its system so you need to ensure you’ve taken steps to protect that information.

Before you rent a photocopier, make sure you’ve included it in your information security policies and that all copiers are maintained and looked after by your IT department. The majority of manufacturers will offer security features with copiers either as standard or as an add-on kit, so check this when leasing a photocopier.

When using your new photocopier, you should ensure that your IT staff work to overwrite the hard drive once a month as a minimum to ensure data is kept safe. If your digital copier is connected to your business’s network, your IT department will need to ensure that it is integrated securely so as to protect it against outside attacks.

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Once you’ve finished with your photocopier and want to return it, make sure you check with the manufacturer or servicing company you got it from that they will either remove the hard drive and send it back to you or overwrite it for you. Being vigilant in this regard could really help protect your company more fully.

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