Are Photocopier and Printer Issues Driving You Mad?

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We’ve all been there. You have a deadline to fill and need to print off an important document, but your printer is creating lines all over your work. The next day you decide to save printer ink and photocopy your handouts instead of print them one by one and all of your copies are coming out too light or too dark. These issues are not uncommon, but the good news is they do have a solution.

In the latest post, here at Paw Print Copiers, we discuss a few reasons why your copies may not be coming out the way you want them.

Paper Jam

The classic paper jam is a frustration for many office workers, but is often due to simple reasons such as the paper being incorrectly loaded or the wrong size paper being used. Such faults can cause the paper to be pulled through the printer incorrectly and cause a jam. Another common reason for a paper jam is paper dust – yes that’s actually a thing! You can avoid this issue by periodically wiping down the feed roller and vacuuming any dust away.

Copies Too Light or Dark

You want your copies to be easy to read by everyone, so when they come out too light or too dark, your lovingly prepared document can go to waste. The common reason behind this issue is often to do with the density controls on the copier.

If the settings on your photocopier are correct, but your copies are still coming out too light or too dark, it is possible that the drum could be reaching the end of its life or that the toner in the machine needs replacing.

Lines Over Your Copy

If your copies have lines over them, there are multiple possible causes of this, including:
Substances on the scanner, glass or mirrors
An issue with the fusers
If vertical lines are seen down the paper, this may point to a drum blade malfunction
A drum or developer unit malfunction may be the cause if the photocopier has a multi-component system.

Paw Print Copiers

Of course, as photocopier and printer specialists, we know there are so many more issues that could be causing a nuisance. We provide a photocopier and printer rental service and also provide a dedicated repairs service for these devices.

If you would like to find out more about our hire or repairs services, please call today on 01525 854 698 or send your enquiry through our online contact form.

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